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Advertising and Branding

For ONLINE BRANDING WORKING IN SYNCH WITH THE REAL-WORLD real estate signs, the “Realtor to the Rescue” (https://www.davesells.ca/realty-to-the-rescue/) campaign was created. These images have also been used for magnetic car signs, etc.


To assist a small local company with a more EYECATCHING look across all their online platforms, we animated their logo. This branded their two websites and social media pages. They have since focussed their online marketing to their Facebook page.




To create an INITIAL AWARENESS ONLINE of an online Edmonton entertainment and event magazine, the Edmonton Muze, a series of short videos were created to be used on a multitude of online platforms. Here’s a sample:








And to further the BRANDING and look, this banner, with variations, was created. The basic “M” logo design appears on their webpage, magazine, and their facebook and twitter pages.







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